Click here for Full MHCD International Conference Programme 2016 (PDF)

In June 2016, De Montfort University hosted our previous transcultural mental health conference on the theme of:

Mental Health and Cultural Diversity

Exploring Transformative Practices and Service Models

It is estimated that approximately 450 million people worldwide experience mental ill health. 1 in 4 families worldwide is likely to have at least one member experiencing mental ill health or behavioural difficulties. We know that attitudes towards mental ill health vary among people from different cultures, ethnic background and countries. Mental ill health is stigmatised in many cultures forcing people to live in denial or preventing them from seeking help when they require it. Ethnicity and cultural beliefs affects the perception of mental ill health, help seeking and service access, and service utilisation.

The aim of the conference is to explore appropriate and acceptable services for people from diverse cultural communities around the world. This conference is for medical, health and social care professionals and service providers, including psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses and social workers and educationalists. This conference is also for service commissioners, service users and carers, academics, policy makers, and voluntary sector organisations.

Keynote Speakers

  • Professor Harry Minas (Australia)
  • Ananda Galppatti (Sri Lanka)
  • Professor James Nazroo (UK)
  • Professor Dinesh Bhugra (UK)
  • Professor Sarah Salway (UK)
  • Dr Phil Thomas (UK)
  • Dr Bhargavi Davar (India)
  • Dr Albert Persaud (UK)
  • Professor Kwami Mckenzie (Canada)
  • Dr Riadh Abed (UK)
  • Dr Jayasree Kalathil (UK)
  • Shanaya Rathod (UK)
  • Professor Mike Slade (UK)
  • Professor Vikram Patel (India/UK)
  • Professor Panos Vostanis (UK)
  • Professor Roberto Mezzina (Italy)
  • Dr Erinfolami Adebayo Rasheed (Nigeria)
  • Professor Santosh Chaturvedi (India)
  • Professor Raghu Raghavan (UK)
  • Professor Shashi Shashidharan (UK)
  • Professor Swaran Singh (UK)
  • Olga Runciman (Denmark)
  • Professor Sab Bhaumik (UK)
  • Dr Peter Hughes (UK)
  • Dr Naaheed Mukudam (UK)
  • Dr Suman Fernando (UK)

Click here for Full MHCD International Conference Programme 2016 (PDF)